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The Pfizer and Moderna 'vaccines' are heavily contaminated
Contribution by Julian Gillespie
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Serious data has dropped overnight proving the Pfizer and Moderna bivalent 'vaccines' to be heavily contaminated
This note is for particularly informing Australian health practitioners so they may further the discussion, and raise public discussion
.. the implication is the widely administered monovalent 'vaccines' using the same manufacturing processes by each company, are similarly heavily contaminated
the bivalent versions (said to protect against Omicron and Wuhan strains, which they do not do) has already been administered over 50MM times in the US alone
In Australia to 5 February 2023:
For Pfizer, over 44 million monovalent doses have been administered, and approximately 74,500 doses of the bivalent booster (only for adults, presently).
For Moderna, over 5 million monovalent doses have been administered, and approximately 353,000 doses of the bivalent (only for adults, presently.
The contamination has been confirmed by a team led by Kevin McKernan, an indisputable leader in Genomics, part of the Human Genome Project, and pioneer in genomics sequencing .. the guy knows his stuff
Kevin on twitter is : @Kevin_McKernan
.. on substack he publishes as 'Anandamide' the Nepetalactone Newsletter

his latest substack is where all the contamination data and controversy can be read .. the full article Curious Kittens is further below

.. from that long and complex article i have extracted the discussion on the contaminates .. Plasmids (dsDNA) .. it is all about the antibiotic resistant Plasmid which replicate at hyper rates within the large intestine, smashing the gut microbiome, which is needed to keep so many other centres of the body working well, especially brain functioning:
The EMA set limits for dsDNA contamination at less than 330ng/mg RNA. This is roughly 1 part per 3,030 mRNA molecules. It is not clear how they set these standards. For instance, a shot containing 34 trillion mRNAs with a 1 part per 3,000 plasmid contamination rate would equate to over 10 billion dual antibiotic resistant plasmids being transfected per patient. The sequencing evidence we now have on hand confirms that most of this DNA is in-fact the expression plasmid DNA, complete with spike protein, SV40 mammalian expression promoters, dual antibiotic resistance and high copy origins of replication that are compatible with both mammalian and bacterial amplification.
One can make a quick estimate of the relative ratio of the vector to insert nucleic acids by looking at the maximum depth of coverage of the insert versus the vector. Moderna vial 2 has 739X maximum coverage over the vector and 2.2 million X coverage over the insert. This equates to 1 vector for every 3,000 mRNAs.
The Pfizer vials have an order of magnitude higher rates of contamination. This is consistent with the fragment analysis having more off target peaks.
Discussion (in part)
Contamination of double stranded DNA (dsDNA) in these vaccines is a significant concern. The EMA specified dsDNA limits in this vaccines below 0.33% (330pg/mg). This is roughly 1 DNA molecule for 3,000 mRNA molecules. While the Moderna vaccines are meeting this specification, the Pfizer vaccines are 10 fold higher in contamination with 1 DNA molecule per 350 mRNAs. This is 1 replication competent plasmid per 350 mRNA molecules and equates to billions of antibiotic resistant plasmids injected per person per shot.

The EMA had good reason to monitor the dsDNA levels in the vaccines. DsDNA injections can induce type I interferon responses via STING in mammals. If these dsDNAs are packaged into LNPs, they can transfect and transform both mammalian and bacterial cells in the patients microbiome. Its not clear how the EMA settled on their acceptable dsDNA contamination and if they had considered contaminating DNA that was capable of amplifying inside the host.

The vectors contain mammalian promoters, bacterial origins of replication in addition to the neomycin and kanamycin resistance genes. Circular plasmids like this are used for stable transfection and continued expression of genes in mammalian cells with the strong SV40 promoter. This could lead to prolonged spike expression in patients injected with these constructs. Bacteria transformed with these plasmids would replicate 50-300 copies of the plasmid per cell. It is not know if the bacteria would also express the spike protein in these plasmids but the presence of T7 promoters in some of the vectors implies this is likely.

Patient use of neomycin or kanamycin after vaccination with these plasmids could enable the the selection of neomycin and kanamycin resistant bacteria in the gut microbiome. It is unclear if the spike protein in these expression vectors is expressed in bacteria. Nevertheless, inoculating billions of people with dual antibiotic resistance, high-copy number plasmids could be a step backwards in our fight against antibiotic resistance. Do these expression vectors transform the gut microbiome? How many copies of the mammalian plasmid expression vectors are replicated post vaccine transfection?

.. at this point let us look at the antibiotics Neomycin and Kanamycin

Neomycin is used to help lessen the symptoms of hepatic coma, a complication of liver disease. In addition, it may be used with another medicine before any surgery affecting the bowels to help prevent infection during surgery.


Kanamycin on the other hand is used to treat serious bacterial infections in many different parts of the body, including:

  • TB involving the lungs
  • active tuberculosis
  • a systemic inflammatory response called sepsis due to an infection with bacteria
  • a bacterial infection
  • an infection of the central nervous system called meningitis
  • pneumonia caused by bacteria
  • infection within the abdomen
  • infection of the biliary tract
  • bacterial urinary tract infection
  • an infection of the skin and the tissue below the skin
  • infection of a joint
  • infection of bone
  • infection of burn wound
.. Kevin McKernan continues:

Arkmedic covers a biodistribution study that demonstrates LNP localization to the large intestine in 48hrs. Even if 1% of the LNPs localize to the intestines, bacteria could amplify these plasmids to far higher levels given the high copy origin of replication in the vectors.

.. Arkmedic reproduced the following biodistribution table which stopped at the 48 hour mark, so the large intestine number of 1.34% would be higher over subsequent days:
.. McKernan concludes (in part):
These are potent contaminants in the vaccines being administered to children. Billions of these contaminants per injection is likely an under estimate of their the entire burden as these plasmids can self replicate in bacterial hosts. Multiple studies have demonstrated prolonged vaccine mRNA clearance. This could be the result of the m1Ψ in the mRNA or the transfection or transformation of DNA based expression vectors. The introduction of billions of antibiotic resistance genes in high copy replication competent plasmids should evoke concerns over accelerating global antibiotic resistance.
Kevin then followed with a tweet storm (click on the image) summarising his extensive paper, which is a great lead-in before launching into read the entire paper:
To assist the lay and expert reader, Dr Jessica Rose also penned a substack overnight directly addressing the Plasmids discovered by Kevin et al .. a really helpful read:
.. Jessica gets straight to the point with:

These expression vectors do not belong in the shots. This is contamination and we do not know if these contaminants are accidental, or if they were put there. I would bet on the former, but either way it doesn’t matter: this is criminally negligent proof of bad manufacturing practices. It’s time to recall these products.

.. please read the entire article so the seriousness of this discovery can be better conveyed
but i can share this .. this data from McKernan was reviewed by a Australian Professor of Medicine last night, and their short note to me in reply was as follows (kept anonymous):
That's bad. Also, whenever a drug is registered it's metabolic byproducts need to be identified and shown to be non-toxic.
Where is the evidence for this with the LNP and mRNA?
And the massive excretion into the environment of this unknown waste.
It's bad enough with metabolites of antibiotics and hormones.
Furthermore, the uniqueness of the above and the metabolites of spike protein and we have the potential for bio-catastrophe.
the title/subject of this note stated these 'vaccines' now pose a risk to the unvaccinated
.. the antibiotic resistance discussed above begins within the human who received the shots (and boosters) .. but that antibiotic resistance can spread throughout communities .. this is what the good Professor of Medicine has alluded to in his note above
only a few nights ago someone i was in discussion with asked me about 'shedding' and these vaccines .. in the context of Spike protein only, i was rather dismissive
.. but i had no idea then about these Plasmids and how easily the resistant bacteria created from them can be transmitted everywhere
upon which topic .. community transmission of these resistant bacteria .. i leave for the experts to better educate us all
please share
Julian Gillespie
LLB, BJuris
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22 February 2023 - Ongoing emerging information and data regarding COVID-19 Vaccine harm in children. -

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The Vax-Gene Files: An Accidental Discovery

Contribution from Julian Gillespie

Some many of you may have come across the below recently .. many will have not

The Vax-Gene Files: An Accidental Discovery -

"If McKernan’s findings are verified, the implications are serious. Widespread DNA contamination
would bring into question the quality of the entire #mRNA injection manufacturing process,
safety systems, and regulatory oversight."

.. over the past several days the article has generated over 800K views with shares and reposts on twitter .. twitter folk are not happy -

and not a single regulator or mainstream news outlet wishes to comment or pick up this frightening data .. but heck, only the human genome, right

many comments across social media question the extent of contamination across the many batches released by Pfizer and Moderna globally

Kevin McKernan appears to have received his bivalent samples, and later monovalent sample, ...

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The Australian Twitter Files
Australia's very own health censorship apparatus in full swing


With the 🇦🇺 #AusTwitterFiles on censorship gaining traction with Senator Alex Antic's revelation from a recent freedom of information request, I encourage all who have an investigative mind to dig further into any conflicts of interest and links to global corporatist entities by the ATAGI and the TGA. 



I recently wrote to Brendan Murphy and Mark Butler with my ongoing concerns about COVID19 Countermeasures and Children (especially those in care)


Link 👇


In the response received by Dr Grant Pegg, Principal Medical Advisor, Pharmacovigilance Branch, Health Products Regulation Group, he passed the buck (they do this a lot) to ATAGI and TGA


Link 👇

So, with @mtaibbi and @NAffects confirming the relationship between Twitter 1.0 and the Department of Home Affairs.


Link 👇


Link 👇

In @SenatorAntic recent cross examination of the Dept. of Home Affairs, they confirmed that they are not responsible for determining the reason they should request the removal of content from social media platforms but are acting on the “expert advice from the Department of Health”.


Link 👇


I had already writen a letter requesting if Australia’s government had been involved in censorship as exposed by the original #TwitterFiles 


Link 👇


In their reply, they fobbed me off, and as we have now come to understand, knowing full well they were giving "expert advice” to the Department of Home Affairs to censor Australian social media accounts.


Link 👇


So, now that we know the Department of Health is directing the Department of Home affairs to censor Australians on COVID related conversations, but the Department of Health is receiving their expert advice from ATAGI and the TGA.

Who is the main driver behind censoring critical information and debate?

We now know that the AHPRA censored Australian doctors for recommending early treatment protocols and against any concerns they might have had regarding the COVID-19 countermeasures, so as not to “undermine” the roll out.


Link 👇


And as we’ve found out from a letter sent to suspended Dr William Bay, “AHPRA acts independently to the Australian Government. 👇



Which Dr William Bay @DrBillyBay sought to challenge in Australia’s Courts


Link 👇


But we also know Australia’s legal system has not been conducive in allowing evidence to be presented over concerns regarding the roll out of the COVID-19 countermeasures, and in particular to children.

Myself and 5 other plaintiffs, apparently did not have enough standing to bring about a challenge to the approval of the countermeasures for children by the TGA including on the advice of ATAGI.


Link 👇


There is now overwhelming evidence that there have been nefarious actions to censor critical information for Australians to make informed decisions about their health, but which also could have saved the lives of many Australians during the last 3 years. My questions around censorship topics focused on:


Link 👇


And what about the role of the NATIONAL COVID CLINICAL EVIDENCE TASKFORCE (NCCET) set up to review the evidence of potential COVId-19 treatments (which by the way were available from the beginning)


Link 👇


No Australian government department has had to face any real scrutiny for their decisions over the past 3 years, either via the courts, over social media due to censorship, or even Australia’s MSM, as it is increasingly becoming evident, they all appear to be a mouthpiece for the State, and as shared by @DumerNatalie, a disrespectful mouthpiece at that.


Link 👇


Australia’s MSM didn’t even run a comprehensive report on an enquiry set up via One Nation Australia and other Senators interviewing expert witnesses regarding Australia’s response to COVID. This alone should prove they are biased and captured.


Link 👇


So, we already know there should be more of a spotlight on our TGA.

From FDA to MHRA: are drug regulators for hire? By: Investigative journalist @MaryanneDemasi


Link 👇


And it’s not through lack of trying to get information out of ATAGI.

Elizabeth Hart @elizmhart, who is an independent researcher investigating the gross over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy, sent this letter to Nigel Crawford, Chair of the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI)

Why does ATAGI recommend COVID-19 mRNA injections for all children aged 5 to 11 years?


Link 👇

So, to find out where the head of the snake is, who do Australia’s investigative journalists, researchers, and true representative politicians focus on in this tangled web of Health Bureaucracy overreach and censorship? Is it:


The TGA?








Or is it at a more sinister global level, where organisations like the WHO, the WEF, the UN and individuals such as Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab dictate their censorship terms through people like Australia’s Jane Halton who played an integral part in the EVENT 201 preparedness exercise in October of 2019.


Link 👇


Either way, make no mistake, our government is determined to look at further censorship under the guise of protecting Australians from mis and dis information, just like the Event 201 exercise programmed all stakeholders to work towards.

The question is….Wil you let them?


Link 👇


Mark Neugebauer is a South Australian resident concerned about seen and unseen globalist individuals and organisations who seek to influence all aspects of our lives which could ultimately lead to the degradation of our inalienable human rights.

Mark Neugebauer has not received any direct funding from any individual or organisation mentioned in this article, however this does not prevent those mentioned becoming a supporter of this platform.

Want to reach out or become a contributor? Reach out - [email protected]

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Letter to Premier & Deputy Premier Regarding South Australia's Climate Emergency Declaration
Contribution from (Dr) Maureen B. Roberts BSc, BA (Hons), PhD, AMPS Member
This was posted by registered mail on Tuesday 7th February 2023
Peter Malinauskas, MP
GPO Box 2343 Adelaide  SA  5001
Susan Elizabeth Close, MP
GPO Box 11071 Adelaide  SA  5001
7 February 2023
Dear Premier and Deputy Premier 
As one of many citizens concerned about the impact of and rationale for ‘climate crisis’ policies, I am writing to you with a request that you carefully re-evaluate your stance on ‘climate’.
I prefer to believe that you are acting with good intentions and from a sincere belief that we are in a ‘climate emergency’. But science is not based on belief, Peter and Susan; genuine science is grounded in the objective reality of facts that can be proven - and openly debated. Policies justified by a ‘climate emergency’ narrative will severely impact all South Australians in terms of energy availability, reliability and affordability. But there are far more serious ramifications socially, culturally and personally with regard to the basic civil liberties and shared human dignity we have, until recently, enjoyed as free citizens of a democracy. 
Firstly, then, could you please provide the scientific facts upon which you have based your declaration of a ‘climate emergency’, given that there is no scientific consensus on this? In particular, please provide references to any scientific studies which prove (a) the detrimental effect of human activity on climate, and (b) that we have an excess CO2 problem, or that CO2 is in any way harmful.
Why are you (apparently) relying selectively on ‘evidence’ for the existence of a ‘climate emergency’ and ignoring the abundance of equally valid evidence to the contrary? We have been through the same kind of selective bias with the Covid fiasco, i.e. the voices of genuine, concerned experts in the field consistently ignored, vilified, or shouted down in favour of pro-injection ‘safe and effective’ propaganda that was misleadingly put forward as ‘science’. We now know, of course, that these experimental injections are neither safe nor effective. 
For the sake of all South Australians, I therefore request the following:
1) that before pursuing ‘climate emergency’ policies further, you appoint unbiased members of your team to investigate (on your behalf) the wealth of climate science facts and data that can be found on the following websites (as a starting point): [featuring Senator Malcolm Roberts] 
2) that you arrange to confer at length with Senator Alex Antic (and perhaps also Senators Malcolm Roberts and Gerard Rennick via live video) about the likely harmful repercussions of ‘climate emergency’ policies, given that the most serious concerns raised here transcend party politics, relate to our shared human and Australian values, and impact all of us.
3) that you make time to consult the wider public at length and invite their feedback before implementing ‘climate’ policies that will seriously affect most people, especially those already doing it tough, on many levels.
In case you are not already aware of it, there are powerful people who have vested interests in pushing the ‘climate crisis’ narrative, the most influential of them being ‘stakeholder’ capitalist members of the World Economic Forum. Senators Alex Antic, Malcolm Roberts and Gerard Rennick regularly bring up serious concerns about this unelected, anti-democratic, globalist organisation in Federal Parliament hearings, given that there exist numerous WEF members, or affiliates among our politicians. As the WEF have openly boasted, they have infiltrated the cabinets of pretty well every nation. 
On the grounds of an alleged ‘climate crisis’, as you may know, many cities worldwide (including Melbourne) have been mapped out for ‘Smart City’ development. Smart Cities are being aggressively pushed globally by the WEF, who believe they have the right to force all of us to live in a Chinese-style ‘social credit system’, in which our every transaction is monitored through a Digital ID linked to a Central Bank Digital Currency. Our own Federal Government has recently tried to push through legislation banning cash and phasing in Digital IDs, but their moves have (so far) been successfully blocked by morally courageous politicians (Antic, Rennick, Roberts, et al.) who have had the guts and decency to stand up for our democratic freedom. 
The stated goal of these WEF ‘global tyrants' is that by 2030, we will all ‘own nothing’, not our homes, our money, our cars - or our freedom. Smart Cities are a crucial next step toward achieving that goal, this time in the name of an alleged ‘climate crisis’.
Apparently few people, however, wish to live in a 'Smart City’, or ’15 Minute City’ where their every public move is watched through surveillance cameras, they’re forced to keep to their allocated ‘zone' and are allowed to travel only 15 minutes from home. Oxford [UK] Council surveyed its residents and, unsurprisingly, 93% of them said ’No’ to proposed 15 Minute City plans. But in undemocratic fashion, their Council is forging ahead with the plan anyway. Sadly, this is what it is coming to: Councils and Governments no longer representing and serving us, but rather tap-dancing to a globalist agenda. 
Unley has already rolled out Smart City surveillance. Senator Alex Antic discusses worrying aspects of this in his video:
Smart Cities will, of course, be promoted as peaceful, safe, clean utopias where our every need will be met as we ‘save the planet’, but the reality would be a kind of 'open prison’, where movement is restricted and disobedience (e.g. exceeding your travel, or ‘carbon allowance’) is punished. 
Please ask yourself, Peter and Susan: is this the kind of ‘Hunger Games’ scenario you want for your own children? Should you persist in pushing ‘climate crisis’ policies, your children may end up living in a repressive 15 Minute City, in time - if the WEF achieve their ‘Great Reset’ goal - bereft of freedom, possessions, rights, privacy, or human dignity. This is no alarmist scare tactic - it is their publicly stated aim - dressed up, of course, as an altruistic move to ‘save the planet’ (i.e. from us). Disturbingly, they have already drawn up plans for ‘5 Minute Cities.’
If solely for your own children’s sake, then, please do some serious soul-searching - and some equally serious ‘re-search’ on ‘climate’ before pursuing ‘climate emergency’ policies further.
The past few years was (for the WEF) a trial run, when billions worldwide complied with mandates, lockdowns and experimental injections that have since proven to be not only useless for ‘prevention and spread' but also harmful. How harmful? Try asking the families of those killed by these injections, or the 140,000 Australian ‘vaccine injured’ so far reported by GPs to the TGA. Countless lives, relationships, careers and businesses were ruined for the sake of a flu virus that (according to ABS statistics) kills less people than the seasonal flus we’ve lived with for hundreds of years. Now, in place of a ‘health crisis’, the WEF have shifted focus to a ‘climate crisis’ to justify the next round of control and forced compliance.
In the name of all that is humane, wholesome and worth living (and dying) for, my appeal to you is above all else as fellow human beings. Do we want to live in a world where we are treated as (what the WEF regards as) soulless ‘hackable animals’ (their term), deprived of democratic rights, constantly surveilled, and penned into Orwellian Smart Cities on the grounds of an unproven ‘climate crisis’? Or do we want to live as free citizens in a democracy, enjoying all that makes life worthwhile: vibrant community, family values, personal liberty, free speech, human dignity, mutual respect and kindness, access to untouched nature, healthy food and relationships, and the right to celebrate sacred traditions? 
As Elon Musk recently wrote, the 'WEF is increasingly becoming an unelected world government that the people never asked for and don’t want.’ They are perilously close to achieving their objective of total control and it is only ‘we, the people’ who can put the brakes on this juggernaut. But will you, Peter and Susan, choose to be heroes, or moral cowards in this fight?
Time will tell. But I encourage you not to take too long to decide whose side you are on; are you for us, the people, or for the globalist ‘elites’ who have one soulless agenda: unlimited power and wealth?
Good work, by the way, on your recently stated aim of ‘moving closer to eliminating the use of environmentally harmful single-use plastics.’ That’s the kind of ethical and urgently needed action most of us are fully on-board with. It confronts a genuine, growing problem that impacts all life - and doesn’t impinge on our civil liberties. 
Finally, please be advised that this letter will be published online and copies will be sent to numerous Council members and media representatives. I shall also email copies to you both.
Yours sincerely
(Dr) Maureen B. Roberts BSc, BA (Hons), PhD, AMPS Member
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Salisbury City Council (South Australia) Smart Cities
Background and Motion to be presented to Counselors



The World Economic Forum and United Nations have joined forces to coercively and tyrannically impose enormously burdensome and draconian restrictions upon the civil liberties, Constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens all over the world.


The Local Government Association (LGA) has taken it upon itself to act as a lobby group engaging in highly divisive politics on behalf of WEF/UN, rather than one providing administrative support to Councils and its members.


Behind the WEF/UN are the FVEYs (Intelligence agencies from the USA, UK, Australia, Canada & NZ, however it also includes France and Italy, among many others.  In fact, the CIA funded Klaus Schwab’s Harvard Scholarship in 1965!).


Pressure is being brought to bear on each and every Councillor towards participating in the Globalist political agenda of Climate Lockdowns, as the LGA is now effectively a lobby organisation, thereby, undermining the “autonomy” of councils (at Part 3(b) of the LGA Act 1999) and the “accountability of councils to the community” (Part 3(d)).


COVID lockdowns and restrictions were only the beginning and we are promised by the WEF & UN that we will see far more extreme measures under the guise of Climate Lockdowns which will form the substance of all local Council business across South Australia in short course.  Given the City of Onkaparinga Council’s motion on Climate Change tabled for vote on Tuesday 17th January, 2023, Moved by Cr Marion Themeliotis, it is clear that the LGA will be pushing for all councils to eventually adopt these outrageous and draconian ideologies and all that goes with them, including Net Zero, SMART Cities, Digital ID, Internet of Things (IoT) & Social Credit.


I object to being coerced, compelled, cajoled or pressured into how I must vote and what political, religious (or anti-religious) or social causes I must be seen to be supporting.  Do you?  I was not elected by the LGA and I will faithfully, independently, determine what causes and community concerns I will advocate and represent.

Climate Change & SMART Cities are certainly not one of them! 


I do, however, have a keen interest in matters of the environment but I believe that the environment cannot be cleaned, maintained or protected by:

·       Feeding Globalist political agendas;

·       Redistributing the wealth of ordinary Australians;

·       Siphoning Australian resources to overseas interests;

·       Depriving developing communities of crucial and life-saving energy resources; or,

·       Taxing the Australian population for outcomes that can neither be measured, achieved or justified.

Rather, I believe that the development and pursuit of local, entrepreneurial endeavours for cleaning the environment are the best, most economic and effective means of ensuring a clean, healthy and sustainable environment whilst overcoming poverty, but in a manner that will meet the needs, and advance the interests, of all Australians, equally, not just the elites who will have no restrictions on their travels or movements.

Each of you as Councillors have the potential for greatness but that doesn't come by following lunatics and psychopaths at the WEF, like Yuval Noah Harari.


You cannot embrace the Climate Change ideology and leave behind SMART Cities, 15-minute Cities, Net Zero, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain and much more to entrench complete 24/7 surveillance of all people, everywhere, all the time!  These are not mutually exclusive. They work “hand-in-glove”.


To date, there has been no proper public consultation on the risks and dangers of the use of SMART technologies and the impact this will have on such things as:

  • The infringement on the Constitutional rights, civil liberties and freedoms of residents
  • The threat to person and property of such surveillance
  • The inevitable likelihood of white-collar crime, graft and corruption among Council staff and Elected Members as the risk of blackmail, extortion and compromise will be unavoidable

We have seen announcements by the state of Victoria of plans to implement 20-minute neighbourhoods and even 15-minute cities in Oxfordshire, New York and Utah, showing this is a global trend being rolled out by stealth by the WEF and United Nations.  This is not a “conspiracy theory”, it is on their own website. 


Which councillor or council employee wishes to be required to justify their movements from one end of the council district or beyond, and how much are council staff and elected members willing to pay for such privileges?  Imagine running a business in the City of Salisbury and your competitor has instant access (which they will be able to buy) to all your business data including the names and contacts of your customers/clients, your movements, your business expenditure, data, blueprints, business plans, legal documents, inventory, plant, and all other Commercial In Confidence information.  This is just a TINY example of the dangers of SMART technologies and the IoT, which promises to track and surveil all people everywhere all the time.


No government or corporation should have the authority or right to access information contained in mobile phones, but that consent is not being requested by council.  This is immoral and improper, not to mention unconstitutional, yet the IoT promises that our data will be stolen and traded without our knowledge or consent.


Imagine one of our Councillors wishes to put a controversial motion before council about a major development and the developer discovers or creates a dirty file on the Councillor or a family member?  We are all exposed to this type of risk for potential blackmail or extortion.  This is also a consideration for businesses and individuals. 


Whilst I appreciate that previous Councillors have been lobbied to embrace SMART cities, it is time for Elected Members to hear the very real and genuine concerns of residents.


Are you ready to have your every movement tracked, traced, monitored, recorded 24/7 and stored indefinitely and traded by anyone with access to your most private and confidential information? 


This is done through the IoT, which includes:

  1. the use of LED lights (with strobe capabilities),
  2. light poles with drone docking stations,
  3. sensors in footpaths, buildings and furniture,
  4. cameras with facial recognition capability (this is not the same technology we have known in the past),
  5. microphones with voice recognition capability,
  6. computers and other devices designed to steal telephone data of every person with a mobile phone, and much, much more.

All of this will be linked to digital ID’s which will form the basis of our new Social Credit Score System.  We, as a Council, are the foot soldiers installing this technology on behalf of powerful Globalist Bankers that have infiltrated all councils for many decades through the LGA and various UN programmes aimed at lobbying Mayors and local government officials.


All of this information is easily accessible online.


Do you know these SMART technologies are the basis of enabling a Social Credit Score System to be implemented and used for draconian Climate Change Lockdowns, as promised by the WEF/UN?


This is un-Australian and has no place in our civilised and democratic society.


Up to now, the WEF/UN agenda has been largely hidden from the public’s view and scrutiny, even though WEF and UN proudly boast of their intentions.


In the meantime, if you would like to learn a little more about what is in store for your children and grandchildren, there are plenty of resources to direct your own independent research, with checkable sources.






















SMART Cities embrace such concepts as: Net Zero, Geofencing, Geoengineering, Climate Lockdowns, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Decarbonisation, Cashless Society, Central Bank Digital Currency, Basic Income, Social Credit Score, Wealth Redistribution/ Restitution, Transhumanism & much, much more.



SMART Cities is designed to concentrate power over people into the hands of a tiny, influential (usually corrupt) group of powerful elites, in which you & your data are the products & collateral to be traded and exchanged.


Initially that will be people such as your local Mayor, a tiny delegation of Councillors & General Managers, property developers, legal firms, medical establishments & the like.  In the longer term these people will become the Kapos (Jewish prison guards) whose role will be to keep you compliant with the most draconian measures the world will ever know, as it moves in “Lockstep” with the directives of multinational corporations, World Bank, World Economic Forum (WEF), World Health Organisation (WHO) & United Nations (UN). 


SMART Cities use ”feel good” language & terminologies, pretty colours and diagrams to entice us to embrace the promises of convenience & safety, but in fact it will bring with it the absolute opposite.  Are you willing to have a drone docking station fitted to a light pole at the front of your home so that once a month you can get a hot pizza delivered in 5 mins.  What freedoms are you willing to trade for your convenience?



MYTH 1: SMART Cities is a “Conspiracy Theory” [started by Senator Alex Antic].


FACT 1: SMART stands for “Self-Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting Technology”. Local Councils, including City of Salisbury, Unley & Adelaide, have provided limited information on plans to roll out SMART City technologies, but sufficient information to demonstrate that Councils are surreptitiously implementing these technologies without informing the public about the risks to their personal safety, privacy & Constitutional rights.  In a video of the SMART City billboard in Unley, Senator Antic factually outlines the technology used in the City of Unley.


 MYTH 2: Councils have consulted with local residents about SMART Cities.


FACT 2: There is precious little to indicate that anything more than passing references have been made in Council reports, Minutes of Meetings & the odd correspondence to things such as CCTV’s, SMART LED lights & Facial Recognition technologies, but this is not in fact a genuine attempt at community education or consultation.


Rather, there are a myriad of things that even General Managers, Mayors & Councillors themselves do not know or understand about SMART City origins & the future consequences for their cities & how these technologies interact with each other.


MYTH 3: When you elected your Local Government Councillors you gave them the mandate to ignore your concerns about SMART Cities.


FACT 3: Unless your Councillor specifically declared their allegiance to the WEF/UN or a SMART Cities campaign, it is not fair, right or proper for any Councillor to suggest that they have executed their duties of informing their constituents or providing fair opportunity for public debate, with total transparency. 


MYTH 4: If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.


FACT 4: Many Councillors appear disinterested or lazy in protecting their own rights, freedoms & liberties. It is fair to assume, then, that they will have little or no interest or inclination to protect your own. Therefore, it is your job to educate yourself. Verifiable sources of information are easy to access but take time & diligence. You dont know what you dont know. City of Salisbury has indicated through Freedom of Information that there are over 10,000 emails alone pertaining to the roll out of SMART Cities, yet the general public is not privy to vital information such as:

-          Whether & when Councillors have been trained in SMART Cities?

-          How much was spent & how?

-          Who is driving the push for SMART Cities?

-          Who funded & hosted their training/lobbying?

-          How & when were residents “consulted”?

-          Who will own the data collected?

-          Who will own the technologies used to gather data?

-          How will residents know when & how their data is being sold or traded?

-          How do the technologies interact with each other (e.g., how do the street lights interact with a mobile phone?)

-          How can residents opt out & protect their data?


To find this information, a simple key word search on Council’s website produces very little & members of the public would have to spend weeks if not months of research & fork out hundreds of dollars on specific FOI applications to glean how extensively Council has engaged in SMART City programs or how far into the future those plans have progressed.


MYTH 5: SMART Cities will make our communities & their residents safer.


FACT 5: There is no critical or rational basis for this feel-good assertion, especially since there is so much secrecy, ignorance & apathy regarding the origins of SMART City philosophies.  Councillors, agencies, businesses, corporations & governments pushing SMART City technologies & agendas usually have conflicting interests for doing so. This could include financial incentives & kick-backs to the stakeholders which support these objectives. Rewards may include funding for political campaigns, personal protection from liabilities or civil suits, funding & “investment” for various city projects & even dark money to keep opponents silent. The potential for corruption is extremely high, if not inevitable, as 24/7 surveillance exposes every person to the risk of blackmail & extortion. High level technologies in the hands of corrupt authorities will easily be weaponized.



MYTH 6: “But my Local Government said SMART tech is only used for anonymous data collection, for the benefit of attracting investments & local business & it also doesn't currently use Facial Recognition on the CCTV cameras installed.”


FACT 6: Nowadays, all technologies that have cameras, especially CCTV cameras, have the necessary capabilities for Facial Recognition. Would you really put your trust in your Local Governments, multi-national corporations & private businesses never to misuse, share or on-sell your personal information? We already know that even with your mobile phone switched off, it can still gather & record information about you without your knowledge & consent. Yuval Noah Harari said that humans are “hackable animals”.  SMART Cities makes this easy & inevitable, by design!


MYTH 7: We have policies to protect residents from breaches of privacy.


FACT 7: Breaches of privacy always happen in secrecy.  Thats the whole point!  Local Government policies are a weak protection for residents when personal data is sold, shared or exchanged with multiple parties. Council staff, Mayors & Councillors will come & go.  Councils will almost certainly amalgamate & Councillor numbers will almost certainly be radically reduced (as is happening in Queensland’s City of Kalamunda).  In the shifting sands, holding anyone to account when a breach of privacy occurs will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, as it will take years of litigation & enormous financial resources to seek remedy.  The average person would never likely succeed.  SMART Cities is a Globalist philosophy that considers the common good of residents as superior to the civil rights, liberties & freedoms of individuals.


MYTH 8: SMART Cities is a model for a Utopian lifestyle for all residents which promises “livable, productive, sustainable, innovative & affordable” outcomes.  It purports to be about “empowering businesses, governments, & people to make data-driven decisions for increasing prosperity & citizen wellbeing.” (“Switching on Darwin 2020”)


FACT 8: SMART Cities is the model of government being deployed for a global power grab by the Oligarchs that run the World Bank, United Nations (UN), World Health Organisation (WHO) & World Economic Forum (WEF) & countless other similar institutions made up of billionaires & trillionaires (e.g., Club of Rome) whose goals are to abolish sovereign governments in favour of a One World Government (or New World Order).  These goals have been clearly stated in documents such as the UN’s Agenda 21/30, The Great Reset, “The First Global Revolution” (by Alexander King & Bertrand Schneider) & many more.


MYTH 9: SMART Cities are not about spying on innocent people or about “global enslavement”. Thats ridiculous! It’s about community safety, regulating traffic, saving energy, reducing anti-social behaviours & detecting crimes, whilst delivering luxury & convenience to residents.


FACT 9: In a nutshell, SMART Cities are characterised by the full & total adoption of “SMART” technologies for everything in daily community life.  This is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). The promise of IoT is full 24/7 surveillance of everybody, everywhere, all the time.  That data will be shared, sold & traded without your knowledge or consent.  Although many Local Government areas began SMART City projects before 2020, we now see how people’s civil liberties & freedoms have been violated & abused during COVID lockdowns with absolute impunity.  Three years on, many new surveillance technologies have been developed far beyond what Councils would have even thought possible prior to 2020.


MYTH 10: Local Government is entitled to collect your data anonymously.


FACT 10: Local Government has no legitimate business collecting anyone’s data for reasons other than its normal (LIMITED) course of business.  That does not include how many customers enter its library, the demographics of people walking through its streets & malls, who is using their toilets or other such invasive pursuits by electronic means.  Councils are encroaching on the Constitutional rights of all residents, by stealth, & if residents dont stop this encroachment, it will be too late in future years to come.  When did you consciously or conscientiously give Council your informed consent for its technologies to hack into your phone or other devices & collect your data?


MYTH 11: SMART Cities is about improving our lifestyle with conveniences, affordability, reduced consumption & a clean environment.


FACT 11: SMART Cities is about total & permanent enslavement & control over each individuals own body & mind.  The WEF has already promised that “You will own nothing & still be happy”.  You will be renting from your unelected, Corporatized Government everything you use (but will never own) including clothing, shoes, kitchen utensils, cars, furniture & your consumption of goods & services will be controlled (e.g., food, paper, gas, electricity, travel, etc…). In the corrupt & corruptible society which SMART Cities will guarantee, & you no longer serve a purpose because you are too old, frail, infirmed, disabled or unemployed, your organs will have greater worth than your body, & there will be no shortage of bounty hunters wanting to cash in on your life as you will be worth more dead than alive (as you become a “Useless Eater” & “Life Unworthy of Life”). 



MYTH 12: Globalism is not the same as Fascism & Communism. That’s a Right wing, tin foil hat, conspiracy theory.


FACT 12: Globalism has been embraced by Left & Right-wing political parties (Labor & Liberal & many others in between) as they have literally been “infiltrated” (to quote Klaus Schwab) by the World Economic Forum (WEF) through dark money flowing into the coffers of political parties & hands of judges, bureaucrats, journalists, universities & Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s) through countless lobby groups & think tanks funded by WEF, WHO, UN & others.  Schwab has a long family history of allegiance to Hitler’s Nazi Germany.  That’s why the Labor & Liberal parties have betrayed the traditional Australian values of freedom, liberty, personal & bodily sovereignty, & Constitutional rights to free speech & rule of law.




SMART City technologies are designed to utilise the Internet of Things (IoT) to gather, store, exchange, sell or trade personal information and data about private citizens. This data may also be biometric, voice or facial recognition &/or collected from personal mobile phones, computers, watches or other electronic devices.


The theft & use of personal information (whether generic & unidentified or not) is not a victimless crime.  It is un-Australian and puts all Australians at risk of harm when this is done without the individuals informed consent.




1.     The City of Salisbury is committed to protecting the Constitutional rights, civil liberties and freedoms of residents as private individuals.


2.     The City of Salisbury recognises the right of every private, individual citizen to enjoy their Constitutional rights to personal privacy, civil liberties and freedoms (including freedom of movement, speech & association), free from surveillance, tracking, tracing and/or monitoring by any government &/or corporation and free from the risk of theft, sale and/or trade of their personal information or data.


3.     The City of Salisbury will not deploy technologies that will infringe upon the Constitutional rights, civil liberties and freedoms of its residents by stealing their personal data, without the consent of each individual.


4.     The City of Salisbury will not deploy technologies that will infringe upon the Constitutional rights, civil liberties and freedoms of its residents by trading or selling the personal data of residents without the consent of each individual.

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